Welcome to Tyria 3D

This is a Guild Wars 2 fansite.
Tyria 3D lets you explore textured Guild Wars 2 map files in 3D, directly in your web browser. The purpose of this project is to allow a unique look into the amazing world of Guild Wars 2, Tyria. This site atempts to visualize some of the in-game graphics but is missing the animation, lighting and visual effects that makes Guild Wars 2 the most beautiful MMO out there.

This site requires:

If you run Firefox or just don't have the game installed, try the beta version.

The orignal was better!
A lot of new features have been added since beta, and some old ones have been cut. If you rather use the original version re-visit the beta version.

Message /u/RequestTimeout, email me at tyria3d@gmail.com or send in-game mail to RequestTimeout.7083. If you have any feedback, whatever it is, I would love to hear!

Hosting costs are not an issue, this site is not depending on donations, but since you people have been nagging at me; .

Thank you, random Guild Wars player, for enjoying, sharing and commenting on the beta! Being a part of the friendliest gaming community in the world never felt more awesome. Special thanks for providing files, knowledge and hype: WoodenPotatoes , /u/that_shaman and /u/gw2reverser. Finally thank you Bone.4632 for translating the beta site to Chinese.