Welcome to Tyria 3D beta

Tyria 3D is a fansite allowing you to preview parts of Tyria, the beautiful world of Guild Wars 2.

This version of site is developed for Google Chrome and uses WebGL. Even when running this site on a fairly modern gaming PC your framerate will probably drop significantly below 60 fps. Please don't try to run this page on your smartphone.

This site visualizes the collision and terrain data of some Guild Wars 2 maps, all data is property of ArenaNet. Note that no textures or lighting effects are visualized.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me via email tyria3d@gmail.com or in game!

Thanks /u/that_shaman, /u/gw2reverser and WoodenPotatoes for providing some old and removed map files. And thanks /r/GuildWars2 for your great feed back, and of course for being the best gaming community. Ever.